About us

About us:

“Pogledi” were established in 1982 as Kragujevac (Serbia) University Students’ Journal. Eight years later it becomes the best-selling journal in the country, with 200000 copies in circulation.
For all reached records in 1990, “Pogledi” owes to the fact that it was first opposition journal since imposing of the communist regime in 1945. In the same year “Pogledi” separates from the university, becoming independent news publishing company.
During turbulent decade which followed, “Pogledi” had ups and downs, but always rests upon the basic principles on which they are famous.
For many years “Pogledi” are engaged in publication of books. Considering the number of copies and titles our company is leading publisher of books pertaining the history of Ravna Gora, both in the Homeland and in the Serbian Diaspora.

“Pogledi” (in Serbian “The Views”) initially entered the arena of cinematography in 2013. By 2017, cinematography has become the main focus and core of its business. For more information, please visit our documentary film pages at http://kingdom-of-yugoslavia-in-ww2.com/

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