David Martin, The Mystery of the 500 Rescued Airmen

Dejvid Martin, Haljard naslovna copy

The rescued 500, 500 evacuees, the forgotten 500… – under various names, in the most recent past, the memory of the largest evacuation of downed Allied pilots in the Second World War, which the Americans called “Mission Halyard” was renewed. Rescued pilots were forgotten at that time because it was the Yugoslav Army (Chetniks) who saved them from Germans, while the Western powers due to the ”Cold War” politics strategically had switched support to the Yugoslav Communists (Partizans). However, the saved pilots and the Chetniks who were in exile, fought against oblivion, and in 1976 the Great testimonial was published in Serbian, which included a monograph in English. That monograph makes this book – inside are the saved pilots’ testimonies firsthand, amended with article of the most known researcher of this topic, David Martin.


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