Mlava Corps

Mlava Corps of the Yugoslav Army (WWII chetniks) was formed in the area east of the Velika Morava river and south of the the Danube. It numbered 2,500 armed men, deployed in 14 brigades. The corps fought against German and collaborationist forces, while preventing the communists from establishing military presence in the area. In September 1944 soldiers of the Mlava Corps captured a great number of Bulgarian soldiers and officers, including the division commander. The corps attacked the German garrison in Pozarevac unsuccessfully. The Germans had tanks and artillery, while the chetniks only had light weapons and faced a lack of ammunition. The corps was commanded by Lt. Colonel Sinisa Ocokoljic (promoted from initial rank of captain) He survived the war, but communist Yugoslavia’s secret police kidnapped him in Austria, taking him to Belgrade where he was killed.

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